Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stonewall 40 years later

Obama made a speech commemorating the 40th anniversary in the Stonewall riots in NYC, which really started the modern gay rights movement...


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I enjoy visiting your blog from time to time and I like to read your thoughts and pieces. But I have to ask a question -- are you gay/homosexual, or do you struggle with same sex attraction?

I understand if you do not want to answer since it is personal. However you mention that you are a seminary student at St Vladimir's Orthodox seminary, and the two do not typically go hand-in-hand, or can they? Are there Orthodox seminarians who struggle a lot with same sex attraction? The Orthodox Church does not discuss same sex attraction really at all, so one would never know.

Just asking for clarification, but again, I understand if you prefer not to answer and if this is stepping across the line. I have nothing against those with same sex attraction as I have friends who are gay and have struggled with the issue myself.

12:59 PM  
Blogger Aaron Joshua Oliver said...


Thanks for your comment. It's hard to respond with candor when I don't know even know your name :-). I must say, I'm not prepared to answer your first question, although I really want to.

I'm sure there are Orthodox seminarians who do struggle a lot with same sex attraction, although, for some reason, as you say, it is not talked about much. I am hoping that changes. We've seen disasterous consequences by it not being talked about. When it is talked about, there is often obvious ignorance and prejudice associated.

Surely, there is a place for silence and issues that are in the depths of our heart, but often times silence=death. We have to bear our burdens, but certainly not alone. Why did Simon the Cyrene help Christ carry the cross? God knows we all have our struggles, but they draw us closer to Him, and that is truly a gift.

Being gay and Christian, or gay and an Orthodox Seminarian is not an inconsistency at all, although it is seen as such by many. People in that situation are asked to be celibate, and that is also a gift, just as marriage is. I joined the Orthodox Church with the understanding that this is the one true Church in which we want all people to belong to, period.

Forgive me for not providing the clarification you asked for, although I hope to in the near future. Also, please pray for me! In Christ,


6:49 AM  

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