Friday, June 26, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted lately on my trip. I am having such an incredible time, and I am in Rome now, staying in a hostel a few blocks from the Vatican. I've met so many interesting people so far. Some memories of my trip include: chatting with Brian Boitano on the subway in Geneva, touring the Protestant Reformation (John Calvin) museum *not my choice, going jogging in Aoste to the sound of church bells on Sunday morning, sitting on a lakeside porch in Bellagio watching the sunset, seeing Michaelangelo's David, walking behind the St. John's Day parade in Florence, watching the US Soccer team beat Spain to the chagrin of my Mexican roommates, driving in France through the Alps, St. Peters Basilica, the food in Italy, cafe culture, taking a boat around Venice and touring the Byzantine cathedral there, touring Juliet's house in Verona, Botticelli paintings, Coleseum, St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican Museum and Sistene Chapel, Saying the Angelus Prayer with the Pope, Skansen Museum in Stockholm, Swedish folk dancing and lingonberry, Changing of the Guard at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, etc. etc.


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