Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Save the Environment, for Christ's sake!

Thankfully the Patriarch of Constantinople has come out in favor of environmental protection, seeing the connection with the Church and the Earth, both of which were created by God. It says in Genesis numero uno that man (or people, if you read my politically correct NRSV Bible) are stewards of the good world that our Lord created. Lately I have been drawn to the Orthodox Church, partly because of its fluid, organic notion of the oneness of all humanity. I will explain this further on another post. Unfortunately the union of evangelical Christians and the GOP in this country has wrought dangerous relationships between church and state issues. Even though our ultimate destiny is not of this world, Christians not caring for the protection of the world because of their political prejudice is absolutely disgusting. The Church should not change to try to accommodate the times, including the liturgy, female ordination, marriage, and abortion. Political parties are a man-made institution, and both parties have elements of Christian values, but the heavenly Kingdom is not of this world, right? I'm opposed to both extreme secular liberals and conservative theocrats. Let us give "help to the helpless, hope to the hopeless, and love for the broken heart." That should be the message to the world. The environment has unfortunately become a political buzz word, and there are extremists on either side. However, the Church must not be afraid to save the Earth, in addition to our souls.


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