Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Arafat Is Dead

The million dollar question after Arafat's death - what will happen to the peace process? Will there be war? The second in command of the PLO - Mahmoud Abbas, took command of the organization. Abbas was appointed as Prime Minister under Arafat, although he abruptly resigned in September of 2003. Arafat will be known as the father of Palestinian Nationalism and the PLO. He won the Nobel Peace Prize, along with Israeli Prime Minister Rabin, because of the Camp David Accords which were mediated by President Clinton in 1993. My guess is he will most be remembered for not signing an agreement with Ehud Barak and Clinton in 2000 which would give the Palestinians the statehood which they claim to desire. I weep for innocent people who suffer needlessly in the Holy Land, but not for Yasser Arafat. He proved, even with the diplomacy he claimed, once a terrorist, always a terrorist. Let's pray for peace, and also fight to protect it.


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